Elizabeth Glenn Howell

Success Coach, Sound Healer, Author, CRNA, BSN

If you are looking for more Joy and Abundance in your life, then you are in the right place!

  • Do you ever feel that you make choices based on how others feel versus what is in your heart?
  • Do you feel that you don’t have your own voice to speak the truth?
  • Do you help others fulfill their dreams while leaving yours for tomorrow?
  • Do you constantly feel guilty or question the decisions you’ve made?

Just a few years ago this was me, too! From the outside, my life appeared perfect. I was a successful Assistant Professor at the number one graduate program for my specialty, entering the final phase of a PhD program. On top that, I was a wife and mom, in-shape and taking care of my family. Inside, however, I was angry, scared, sad, and lonely. I’d achieved everything I’d dreamt of as a child, but something was missing. Somewhere along the way I had lost myself!

Growing up, I was often told that my honesty and boisterous behavior was unbecoming of a lady. As a result. I molded myself to be more “becoming,” and people wanted me as a student and colleague. I was smart, but seemingly most importantly, I was outwardly happy and easy to get along with. Then, one evening as I was tucked away in my home office working on my PhD, I heard my children and husband laughing and playing. All I wanted was to join them, but I couldn’t. I had research to complete, lectures to prepare, laundry do to. I started crying. Then I got angry because crying made me feel selfish. I knew I was fortunate to have been able to choose my own path, but it was obvious that I needed a change.

I realized that the most “becoming behavior” I could have was to be my Authentic Self. Over the past 5 years I have realized more Joy and Abundance than I thought possible. I now know that Becoming Me was the greatest service I could do for myself and others. I would like the opportunity to share my knowledge so that you can also say, “I am the most ‘becoming’ version of myself,” and that is joyful, elegant and successful.

Work With Elizabeth

How would it feel to you to have a mentor devoted to helping you find your voice and your joy?

Would it be a relief to work with someone who grasps you in the present moment, but can also help you become the person you know you are meant to be?

What would it feel like to have nonjudgmental support and guidance from a qualified, experienced practitioner?

What would it be worth to have someone help you learn how to listen to your own inner guidance and trust yourself again?

Let’s find your Joy, Passion and Elegance together. Let me help you fine YOUR most BecomingMe.Life!


My goal for clients:

To help Clients find their authentic voice, their true passion and bring unlimited Joy and Abundance into their lives.

My goal is to help clients learn to trust themselves by learning how to hear their own inner guidance and then be emboldened to speak their authentic voice. I hope that when our sessions are complete that the client only needs me for the occasional “check up” and that she will have strengthened her own abilities to trust her inner guidance to make decisions.

I believe that we are all here to make a difference in the world. Someone told me once, that “what seems small here on Earth is truly miraculous to the Heavens and Universe. Small acts of kindness, that you may not even remember, can truly change someone else’s path.” I feel that each of us impacts the world around us everyday. By unleashing your authentic, most joyful self you will not only have a more miraculous life yourself, but you will change the world just by being (and even more by sharing and doing). It is my goal to help each client find the strong foundation that she (or he) possesses within. Using my own unique process, I help the client develop their own skills relating to intuition, for “turning up the volume” to hear (and trust) inner and spiritual guidance and to confidently become her true self.

This is the Foundation of BecomingMe.Life

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